3 Simple Tips That Can Help Speed Up Your Machine


So, you’re searching google trying to buy the latest tech, the nicest clothes, the concert ticket you so desperately need to get in time, and your computer wants to take a hideously long amount of time to load one singular webpage. Or, you could be a dedicated individual trying to send off an important file on a tight deadline and your folders and emails are gathering as much of their almighty strength and power as they can to ensure that you miss your tight deadline, like a stubborn child refusing to follow instructions.

Of course, as humans do, computers slow down with age. However, there are a few simple and routine processes that you can do to help maintain your machine’s youth.

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September 12, 2018

How safe are public WiFis?

Long story short, they’re not

Accessible almost everywhere nowadays, public WiFi is so convenient that the consequences are very often overridden, or completely forgotten about. There’s been a time where all of us have succumbed to the desperation of needing to respond to a crucially important email, our only saviour being the public WiFi at Costa Coffee down the road.
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September 11, 2018