What is the Difference Between a Gaming GPU and a Workstation GPU?

April 17, 2019


Being a gamer, when anybody talks about graphics cards then our minds tend to automatically flicker to Gaming Graphics Cards. Why is this? Because most users are unaware that there are other types of graphics cards too and if they do, it’s unlikely that they know the difference. No doubt you’ve heard the term “Workstation” bounced around in a hardware discussion from time to time, so how is this different from a Gaming GPU?


How To Digital Spring Clean Your Computer

April 10, 2019


It’s been a long and hard winter. The birds have started chirping, flowers have started sprouting and we’ve finally been blessed with more daylight hours. So whilst this may be the time to give your house, your car or your garden a spring clean, your computer needs its own replenishing – a digital spring clean.


How To Be A Great Salesperson In The Tech Industry

April 3, 2019


How can you be great at sales in the big and booming technology industry? A question very much open to the individual. There are always the good ones, the bad ones and the ones that are simply great at their job. But which one are you?