What is the Difference Between a Gaming GPU and a Workstation GPU?


Being a gamer, when anybody talks about graphics cards then our minds tend to automatically flicker to Gaming Graphics Cards. Why is this? Because most users are unaware that there are other types of graphics cards too and if they do, it’s unlikely that they know the difference. No doubt you’ve heard the term “Workstation” bounced around in a hardware discussion from time to time, so how is this different from a Gaming GPU?


Top 4 Tips To Spring Clean Your Computer


It’s been a long and hard winter. The birds have started chirping, flowers have started sprouting and we’ve finally been blessed with more daylight hours. So whilst this may be the time to give your house, your car or your garden a spring clean, your computer needs its own replenishing – a digital spring clean.


What is an SSL Certificate?


In need of a quick run-down of everything essential, there is to know about SSL certificates, the key security for online communications? Are they vital for your corporation? Here’s our insight…


How To Prevent Data Loss


To be blunt with you, data loss is fatal. Data loss means lost files and expensive recovery, which doesn’t promise to recover everything. If proper preparation is not in place for such a huge blow then expect to put your back out attempting to retrieve the data. If you’ve pre-planned, to be completely honest there will still be some back ache, but you’ll refrain from sustaining a serious injury. You have my word.


You’re Never Too Small For IT Support


In the year 2018, technology is at the core of every business. Everywhere we turn, everywhere we look there is a constant flow of development in the technological world and whilst this can be daunting, incorporating this into your workflow can be immensely rewarding. Especially with a small business, it is imperative to be clever with funds, which is why having expert guidance and supervision is crucial to allow your company to progress and keep you up-to-date in this ever-changing modern world.


How To Spot A Fake Email


Did you know that the average lifespan of a phishing site is under 15 hours? Such a small move, followed by such detrimental damage. Email attacks are part of the cyber-crime family and something the majority of us have come across at some point in our virtual lives. Un-solicited emails are conceived from slippery sources who may have purchased your contact details from a third party, prior to the GDPR regulation that was passed earlier in May 2018. These emails appear in all different shapes and sizes; some can be extremely realistic and convincing. Falling into the trap of fake emails is to say the least, a very fatal move.


Yes, We’re Still Talking About GDPR…


Okay, I’m pretty sure by now everyone has heard the term ‘GDPR’ countless times and probably feel the same way about the word as everyone does those ‘Go Compare’ adverts. However, even though the new and reformed GDPR law came into force in May this year, it seems that 5 months down the line it still remains up in the air for a lot of people about what GDPR actually is and how liable brands will now be for data breaches, in a way that’s never been seen before. (more…)

What is a VPN?


When you work with or around IT wizards, you tend to hear a handful of alien-like words every day that can have you completely stumped. Or there may be that occasion once in a blue moon where you need to contact an IT Support staff member to voice a problem that you’re experiencing and ask for help. Often, those technical words that most outside of an IT environment have little or no understanding of, go straight over our heads. Enter HelpDesk Hero. We seize the responsibility of sharing invaluable information that every soul who is yet to be enlightened should know. If you are one of those souls, please continue reading.


3 Simple Tips That Can Help Speed Up Your Machine


So, you’re searching google trying to buy the latest tech, the nicest clothes, the concert ticket you so desperately need to get in time, and your computer wants to take a hideously long amount of time to load one singular webpage. Or, you could be a dedicated individual trying to send off an important file on a tight deadline and your folders and emails are gathering as much of their almighty strength and power as they can to ensure that you miss your tight deadline, like a stubborn child refusing to follow instructions.

Of course, as humans do, computers slow down with age. However, there are a few simple and routine processes that you can do to help maintain your machine’s youth.