IT Support

Our HelpDesk Heroes team is based in London and is always on hand to give support whenever you need it. The majority of issues can be solved remotely but on the odd occasion that a personal touch is needed we will be on hand to assist in every way possible. We understand how detrimental an IT issue can be in this day and age and strive to solve all issues as efficiently as possible. Along-side our passion for solving problems we also endeavour to prevent issues from ever occurring by implementing monitors into your system that will allow us to predict and solve problems way before they can affect your business.


In this day and age connection to the internet is crucial for any business of any size. We will help you to get a good connection throughout your office so that every department can be connected at all times. If the worst should happen and you lose your internet connection, you can take comfort in the knowledge that we will deal with everything and you can enjoy the peace.

Office Moves

Moving offices can be very problematic, especially on the technical side of things because the new place must have internet set up and have the phone transferred all before the big moving day. Adding the stress of these two things alone on top of the stress of moving the rest of the company and the day to day working of the business, this can add up. We will fully manage the technical side of the move and liaise with third-parties on your behalf so that you don’t need to worry. We will be right by your side for every step to make sure things go smoothly.


Communicating through emails is currently easier than ever due to being able to sync your emails to every one of your devices, so you never miss a thing. We will set up your emails to do just that. Not only will we set up your emails but we will actively monitor it so that you don’t receive as much spam and so that no spam is sent from your email server causing you and your company to be blacklisted.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

The data that is held within your networks is the most essential and most sacred piece of your business and for anything to happen to it would be unthinkable. Human error and hardware failure are and will always be a crucial problem for data. This is why we will implement an on-site back up of all your data and off-site.

Our moto here at HH in terms of backup is; Plan for the worst, Expect the best. We understand that it can be very rare that anything on a major scale will go wrong but on the off chance that it does we will be prepared for it. You may think that our approach is paranoid and chances are that the implemented solution will never be needed but, god forbid, anything does happen you won’t need to panic because we will be able to restore your systems to what they were.

Hardware Purchasing & Installation

It is inevitable that there will come a time when the current hardware you have will become obsolete and you need to buy some new hardware.

Things brings up a whole list of new questions to be asked, such as:

  • Do I just buy the one with the biggest numbers?
  • Do I need an AMD graphics card or NVIDIA?
  • Should I build my own hardware?
  • Is it really worth all that money?

These are very common questions, and the truth is there isn’t a one size fits all answer for this kind of situation. We will work with you to find out what you actually need for your company to be productive and to function efficiently, whilst also having some cool new tech to rave about.


As old as the telephone is, it is still plays a big role in all business’s. We work with all kinds of phone systems including traditional phone lines and VoIP. We can support your current system and we can advise you on a switch to something more modern like VoIP if we feel like it will be more beneficial to your business.

3rd Party Haggling

Dealing with Sales people who baffle you with big words that best describe their product can be a hassle to deal with and more often than not will lead to you paying for something you don’t want or necessarily need. We will handle all conversation with third parties to ensure that you only get the best of what you need. We also have a forever growing network of companies who we work with so may be able to shed a few pounds of the final payments.

Web Design, Development & Hosting

There are many possibilities as to why you may enquire to utilise our web development expertise:

  • You are a new business and don’t currently have a web presence
  • You are an established business and your current website isn’t functioning as efficiently as you would like
  • You are doing a total company rebrand and you need a stunning and reliable website to match it.

Or any number of more reasons, despite your reason we can help. For the full package we will have your brand new website designed to your liking and development to a high standard so that it can withhold the test of time. Once developed our deployment will be seamless to your chosen domain and our hosting has 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you never have to worry about it.


Why hack into a business from the outside when you can email someone and charm them into doing it for you?

A social engineer can research you on Facebook and LinkedIn; read up about your company online, and then target you via email, instant messaging, online surveys, and even by phone...for that personal touch.

Join us for our webinar, ‘Are you the weakest link?’ Let us show you how to build defenses that will prevent one well-meaning employee from giving away the keys to the castle.

DevOps & SysOps

Agile system administration of complex cloud development environment, AWS and Azure expertise, Git and SVN branching support, super secure multi-level server access management. If your current sysadmin is overloaded with tasks or is currently unavailable, if you need help with server monitoring, hardware or software stack architecture review or manual development library compilations, we're here to help.