Meet HelpDesk Heroes

Our history

As the Heroes of the IT world, it is our duty to free your company from all IT troubles, big or small! Whether you need an IT service or a helping hand with your technical support, we are here to help – a shadow of greatness if you will!
At HelpDesk Heroes, our aim is to provide you with a secure technology foundation so that together we can be the complete business solution. We want to support your aspirations as a growing or thriving business and that’s why we immerse ourselves into your organisation to assist in giving you a competitive edge. We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re struck by the blue screen of death… that’s where our superpowers come in.

We like to think that at our company we have redefined the concept of a technology solutions organisation – we are the ultimate force for good! To guarantee that we can provide the fastest response time possible, we have combined a ticketing support system, on-hand help and live web-chat option, keeping you on schedule and ahead of the IT game. We have a dedicated team of Heroes that utilise their superpowers to ensure that tough situations do not occur – prevention is better than cure, however technology issues can sometimes be inevitable, that’s why we strive to ensure minimal downtime in out of office hours so that you and your company remain unaffected.

Our Heroes truly value client relationships. We are real people forming real relationships and are pleased to say that we have developed solid associations that have strengthened over time. Our welcoming and attentive approach provides a positive atmosphere which has been proven to encourage a proactive attitude. Our flexible plans are designed to fit your price range; as we currently work with both large and small co-operations, we wanted to make this possible. However, a high standard of care is importantly maintained throughout all of our price plans.