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We understand that all industry sectors have different challenges and unique technology requirements. As a result, we provide specialist IT Support to clients across a wide range of industries. Our IT experts work to deliver the IT support required to support your goals. HelpDesk Heroes optimise your IT infrastructure and significantly reduce your workload by taking over all your time consuming IT jobs.

The team provide a range of IT solutions which are flexible and designed to meet your requirements and can implement new technology easily whenever it is needed. Our Managed IT Services include IT Support, IT Consultancy, IT Communications, Data Backup, Network Support. In addition, we are also experts in IT Security, Cloud computing, Core network management and disaster recovery.

Our team of super efficient heroes will come to your rescue and take care of these services for you.


Do you run a Bar, Cafe or Gym?

It doesn't matter which industry you are managing. Our IT engineers have the right tools to boost your business by using tech. CCTV systems, reliable POS connections or secure WiFi installations. Anything you need to run your business successfully.

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True High Performance

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Need the latest accounting software?

HelpDesk Heroes experts are always looking at how to improve accountancy systems by giving the best software solutions focused on your needs. Set a call with one assessor to check the latest updates and how they can benefit your business.

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Are you an Estate Agent on the Go?

Achieve your next goal using the right tech tools. Our IT support services for the real estate industry can help you expand your business by giving solutions to increase productivity, organization and workflow.

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Industry Sectors We Cover



As a media agency owner, you need a team powered by the best IT equipment to keep it running. Our IT support for media agencies includes everything you need doesn't matter the size of your agency. Software updates, cloud storage solutions or web hosting. You name it!


Data Safe

Your business manages important information all day, that's why you have to make it safe. It doesn't matter which industry sector you are in, keep your data safe using our best IT security and backup solutions.



We work with one-time, short and long-term projects. Our IT services for industry sectors are focused on offering unique solutions to increase productivity and organization by using the best tech tools.



Rest your mind by knowing that your business will be running smoothly 24/7. Dire situations may happen, but HelpDesk Heroes' engineers will rescue your business anytime.


High Performance

Avoid lag, interferences and downtime, and keep your productivity on top. Our IT support services for industry sectors keep your business tech on top to run the most complex tasks without losing performance.


Free Resources

Do you have doubts about which service is right for you? Our resources page is full of FREE specific information for your business industry. Our IT guide for small businesses, IT security guide and Firewall guide can help you clean your mind out of doubts.


Security Certified

Keep your business IT platform secure with the right professionals. Our IT engineers have more than ten years of experience in the IT security field, spot and solve any possible breach or problem fast.



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Frecuently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer support on different levels for different needs. You can enjoy a pay-as-you-go service or a full managed IT plan. It is up to you and your needs.
No, you don't have to be tied to a tedious contract to work with us. We have simple options where you can pay-as-you-go. We offer flexibility to adapt to all types of budgets for your convenience, and when the project is over, the contract is closed.
Our IT support team response time takes about 40 min ~1 hour. It will depend on the day and the number of jobs in the queue.
No. Our engineers and managers usually manage two or three accounts. It all depends on the task.
Yes. HelpDesk Heroes has an e-commerce to provide you with the best tech. In case you need a new device or component, we can make you a suggestion on which is the best equipment you may need.
It all depends on the type of plan. Dedicated technical support plans have monthly fees that are charged at the beginning of the month, while the on-the-go plans you only pay when the task is finished. Even so, it all depends on what we arrange at the time of closing the contract.

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