When remote troubleshooting isn't enough, rely on our prompt onsite IT support to get your business back up and running quickly. Our experienced technicians can be at your London office or facility in no time to diagnose and resolve urgent technical issues in person.

With guaranteed rapid response times, we minimize costly downtime. Whether you're dealing with network outages, critical hardware failures, security breaches or other IT emergencies, our hands-on approach gets your systems operating optimally again ASAP.


99% of IT issues that we come across can be fixed remotely, however if onsite assistance is needed, we can be at your office to fix your problems quickly. If you need an engineer onsite more regularly, we also offer a custom service, from a day a week to full-time. In addition if you are moving offices, we can be on hand to set up and test the hardware and systems in your new office.


Onsite support time is included in our managed IT plans or available on-demand with no long term contract required. We make it easy to leverage our expertise with simple transparent pricing.

We work with small businesses across a range of sectors. If you don’t have an in-house IT team our heroes can manage your infrastructure for you. Our local IT support service is ideal for businesses that need a personal and effective IT team.


Our local IT services and onsite support for your business mean no waiting time or call out charges. We come to your office or business premises. Onsite IT Support is included as part of the HelpDesk Heroes business IT support plan or can be accessed as a one off service. We take care of all your IT issues and maintenance tasks in your office.


Onsite Local IT Support that is safe, reliable and 100% completely secure. Competitive edge – high quality of service under flexible terms. We’ll keep you up to speed on all the latest technology advances and best practices then recommend solutions to keep your business ahead of the game. Our flexible local support provides customised solutions whether you need regular maintenance or emergency IT response.

Do you need reliable onsite support?

We come to your office or business location and fix your IT issues on-site.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for local IT support:

For the best local IT support in London, choose HelpDesk Heroes. We provide proactive maintenance, cutting-edge security solutions, expert consulting, and tailored support packages to meet your business's specific needs. Our experienced team and commitment to exceptional customer service ensure your technology works seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Contact us today for a free consultation and experience the difference a true IT partner can make.
HelpDesk Heroes prioritizes swift action to get your business back on track – we offer flexible service level agreements (SLAs), guaranteed rapid response times, and can often have an expert technician on-site within 60 minutes for critical emergencies. Our focus is on minimizing downtime and restoring your operations smoothly.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes has extensive experience supporting businesses across diverse industries and we specialize in accounting IT, legal sector, real estate agents IT. Our broad clientele gives us deep insights into the unique challenges different industries face, allowing us to tailor robust IT solutions and provide proactive strategies for your specific needs. We'll work closely with you to understand your business goals and pain points, ensuring your technology becomes a powerful tool for success.
HelpDesk Heroes provides reliable local IT support during standard business hours Monday to Friday, 8 AM - 6 PM GMT – this means we guarantee our fastest response times for your requests during this period. However, we understand that technology troubles don't always follow a 9-to-5 schedule. That's why we offer customizable support packages, including extended hours or 24/7 emergency coverage, to ensure your business has the IT lifeline it needs, whenever you need it.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes understands that your business doesn't stop when the clock strikes 5 PM. That's why we offer reliable options for out-of-hours support. For those critical disruptions that can't wait until morning, we have technicians on call 24/7 to minimize downtime and get your systems back online fast. If your issue is less urgent, we can schedule on-site or remote appointments outside of standard business hours, accommodating your schedule and ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. We believe technology shouldn't dictate your schedule, which is why we adapt our support to fit your needs, keeping your business running smoothly around the clock.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes excels at navigating the complexities of hybrid work models, ensuring your technology supports productivity and security for both on-site and remote employees. We'll prioritize secure remote access solutions, implement intuitive cloud-based collaboration tools for seamless teamwork, provide dedicated technical support for your distributed team, and partner with you to develop clear hybrid work policies that balance flexibility with data protection and employee accountability.
HelpDesk Heroes is ready to power your business with unparalleled IT support! We offer multiple channels to ensure you can reach us quickly and easily, no matter your preferred method of communication: Phone - 0203 831 2780, Email - https://helpdeskheroes.co.uk/contact/
Our response times vary according to issue severity and your service level agreement (SLA): critical emergencies often involve same-day, on-site support, high priority issues are addressed within 60 minutes, and standard requests are handled within the same business day. We outline these commitments in your SLA and offer customizable plans for businesses needing even faster guaranteed response times.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes is conveniently located in London allowing us to rapidly dispatch technicians throughout central London locations for those critical IT emergencies. We understand that in a bustling city like London, a quick response time can make all the difference in minimizing downtime.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes provides the best of both worlds: utilize our remote support for fast troubleshooting of many common issues, or request on-site support whenever hands-on expertise is required for installations, hardware fixes, or personalized training. Our goal is to resolve your IT challenges efficiently and with minimal disruption to your operations.
Partnering with HelpDesk Heroes, your local IT experts, delivers a powerful advantage: lightning-fast response times to keep your business running smoothly, London-specific solutions that address the city's unique technological challenges, personalized care that understands your individual needs, the satisfaction of supporting your community, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your technology is in the hands of trusted professionals. This winning combination propels your business towards greater efficiency, resilience, and long-term success.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes brings on-site IT support directly to you throughout London! Our technicians are ready to tackle any IT need at your business location, ensuring a swift and convenient experience. Whether you're facing hardware failures, complex network issues, software glitches, or need expert training, we'll be there to provide hands-on solutions.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes is your lifeline for emergency IT support in London. We understand the crippling effect of tech failures, which is why we offer 24/7 availability and guaranteed rapid response times. Our skilled technicians are standing by to tackle server crashes, network outages, security breaches, and any urgent issue that threatens your business continuity.
HelpDesk Heroes fuels your small business with productivity gains by minimizing downtime, optimizing your technology for maximum efficiency, safeguarding your operations with robust security, and freeing your time to focus on running your business. We'll boost collaboration, streamline your workflows, and provide expert guidance so you can leverage technology as a growth engine, not a headache.
HelpDesk Heroes understands that every business is unique, which is why we offer flexible pricing models designed to meet your specific needs and budget. Choose from predictable fixed-price packages for comprehensive support, pay-as-you-go hourly rates for occasional needs, or a completely customized plan built around the size and complexity of your IT infrastructure. Let's schedule a free consultation – we'll explore your requirements, explain the benefits of each pricing model, and find the solution that delivers the best value for your business.
Yes, we're proud to share our track record! Visit our website https://helpdeskheroes.co.uk/clients/ to explore client testimonials and detailed case studies showcasing how HelpDesk Heroes has empowered London businesses like yours. Discover the real-world difference we've made in streamlining operations, strengthening security, and driving success through strategic IT solutions.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes excels in supporting any technologies and software that your business is using/needs to be using. Our team of certified technicians boasts a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of these systems, allowing us to provide expert-level troubleshooting, optimized configurations, and proactive solutions tailored to maximize your investment in these technologies. We understand the nuances and common pain points, ensuring your business gains a competitive edge through seamless integration and peak performance.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes excels in managing IT support for your London-based remote workers, ensuring they stay connected, productive, and secure. We offer robust remote access solutions for seamless connectivity, proactive troubleshooting to minimize downtime, software management for consistency and security, comprehensive cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data, and responsive tech support whenever and wherever your team needs it. We'll work with you to customize a support strategy that balances flexibility and control, empowering your remote workforce without compromising your business.
For immediate IT emergencies, call our dedicated support line at 0203 831 2780 – we understand that every second counts when your business is disrupted. This ensures the fastest possible response from our team. Alternatively, submit an urgent ticket through https://helpdeskheroes.co.uk/contact/, providing a clear description of the problem, its impact on your business, and your contact information. For critical issues, it's always best to call, but rest assured, HelpDesk Heroes has multiple channels to reach us for emergency support. We are committed to minimizing downtime and resolving your IT crisis quickly.
HelpDesk Heroes is your cybersecurity partner, building a robust defense against online threats through a comprehensive, multi-layered approach. We start with the essentials – robust firewalls, industry-leading antivirus solutions, and proactive updates to close vulnerabilities. Next, we focus on your people, enforcing strong password policies and providing comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training to turn your employees into your first line of defense. We believe in the power of preparation, which is why we'll help you develop bulletproof backup solutions and a detailed disaster recovery plan. And the best part? We never stop. HelpDesk Heroes stays ahead of evolving cyber threats, continuously adapting our strategies, monitoring for new vulnerabilities, and collaborating with you to build a resilient IT infrastructure designed to protect your valuable data and keep your business safe.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes provides comprehensive cybersecurity assessments specifically designed to safeguard London-based businesses. Our approach goes beyond surface-level scans, combining a network vulnerability analysis to pinpoint external weaknesses with a deep dive into your system configurations to identify internal security risks. We'll develop a detailed risk assessment, prioritizing potential threats based on likelihood and severity, empowering you to make informed decisions. Our assessment doesn't end there – we provide a strategic action plan with actionable recommendations to strengthen your cybersecurity, proactively addressing vulnerabilities before they become costly breaches. Think of it as a health checkup for your IT infrastructure, ensuring your sensitive data, customer trust, and operations are shielded against today's sophisticated cyber threats.
Partnering with HelpDesk Heroes, your local IT experts, delivers significant long-term cost savings by proactively preventing downtime, safeguarding your sensitive data with robust cybersecurity, optimizing your IT investments for maximum efficiency, and streamlining workflows to boost overall productivity. We'll work with you to identify potential vulnerabilities, implement smart strategies that stretch your IT budget, and provide ongoing support to ensure your technology aligns with your long-term business goals.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes excels in creating robust disaster recovery plans to safeguard your business continuity. We understand that the unexpected can strike at any time, which is why we'll partner closely with you to thoroughly assess potential risks, design a comprehensive recovery strategy, implement bulletproof on-site and cloud-based backup solutions, and ensure ongoing resilience through rigorous testing and updates. We believe proactive planning is the cornerstone of weathering unexpected disruptions, minimizing damage to your operations, protecting your invaluable data, and ensuring you can quickly get back on your feet, should disaster strike.
Prevent costly IT breakdowns and safeguard your business with HelpDesk Heroes. We'll proactively monitor your systems, ensuring your software is always up-to-date and your staff is equipped with cybersecurity knowledge. Our emphasis on a robust backup plan and investment in reliable hardware creates a multi-layered defense, shielding your operations from disruptions. Think of us as your IT wellness coaches, focusing on regular checkups, preventative measures, and strategic improvements to keep your technology healthy and resilient.
HelpDesk Heroes eliminates the fear of data loss through a comprehensive backup approach. We'll analyze your business needs to tailor the perfect mix of local and cloud-based backups for maximum redundancy. Our team will automate schedules based on the sensitivity of your information, ensuring your backups are always current. We understand the importance of safeguarding your backups with military-grade encryption and rigorous testing protocols, restoring your confidence in the event of a disaster. Rest assured, your invaluable data is protected and quickly recoverable, allowing you to focus on running your business, not worrying about worst-case scenarios.
HelpDesk Heroes helps you navigate London's unique IT landscape, safeguarding your business with proactive cybersecurity measures tailored to the city's heightened risk, ensuring compliance with complex data protection regulations like GDPR, optimizing your connectivity within the city's infrastructure, and finding creative solutions to overcome potential work-space constraints.
As your local IT experts, HelpDesk Heroes combines deep understanding of London's specific regulatory landscape, connectivity needs, rapid response capabilities, and familiarity with the city's technological pulse to proactively address these unique challenges. We ensure your technology is compliant, optimized, and serves as a growth engine for your business within this dynamic urban environment.
HelpDesk Heroes believes in strengthening the London business ecosystem. To maximize the impact of your technology investments, we'll introduce you to a network of trusted collaborators, including expert web developers and designers for a compelling online presence, cutting-edge telecommunications specialists for advanced connectivity solutions, legal advisors specializing in technology law for secure and compliant operations, and specialized cybersecurity consultants for in-depth vulnerability testing.
HelpDesk Heroes is your strategic partner for seamless IT growth. We don't just fix problems – we'll collaborate with you to assess your scalability needs and proactively build an IT roadmap that aligns with your business goals. This may involve designing a phased approach to system upgrades, optimizing for new users, exploring cost-effective cloud solutions for flexibility, and providing proactive monitoring to preempt potential bottlenecks during times of rapid expansion. Let's make your technology a catalyst for success, not an obstacle to overcome.
HelpDesk Heroes is your guide to a successful cloud transformation. We'll help you assess the benefits of a cloud migration, choose the most suitable cloud platform tailored to your business needs (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), develop a detailed plan for seamless execution, and expertly handle the migration process. Our approach focuses on security, efficiency, and ongoing cloud management, ensuring your move to the cloud empowers your business with flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.
HelpDesk Heroes delivers a truly personalized IT partnership experience. Unlike generic support providers, we take the time to understand your business goals and specific challenges. Our deep roots in the London community drive our commitment to empowering businesses of all sizes. Plus, our exceptional rapid response times are unmatched in the market. We believe technology should be your greatest asset, not your biggest headache. That's the HelpDesk Heroes difference.
HelpDesk Heroes is your lifeline during IT emergencies. We understand that every second counts, which is why we offer guaranteed response times tailored to your specific needs and service level agreement. For those critical issues that can cripple your business, such as server outages or security breaches, we prioritize immediate action, often having a technician dispatched to your location within same day. Our commitment is to minimize downtime and restore your operations as quickly as possible.
Yes, with HelpDesk Heroes, you're always in the loop! Choose your preferred method for staying informed: access our client portal for real-time updates and detailed notes on your support tickets, receive automated email notifications for key milestones, or enjoy personalized updates via phone or email from your dedicated technician. We believe in transparency and open communication, ensuring you have peace of mind throughout the support process.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes provides predictable IT budgeting with fixed-price support packages, ideal for businesses seeking cost-effective and proactive IT maintenance. Our customizable packages include a set number of monthly support hours, proactive monitoring for potential issues, regular maintenance to optimize your systems, and priority response for when you need us most. Let's discuss your business needs, and we'll tailor a package that delivers the best value and peace of mind.
Yes, at HelpDesk Heroes, we believe in building partnerships, starting with a complimentary IT consultation and assessment. This personalized session allows us to gain a deep understanding of your current IT setup, existing challenges, and your future business goals. Expect actionable recommendations, insights into how to leverage technology for growth, and a transparent cost estimate for potential solutions. Let's schedule a time to discuss how we can empower your business through strategic IT solutions specifically designed for the London market.
HelpDesk Heroes standard IT support contracts provide a robust foundation of proactive care and swift troubleshooting. Expect regular system health checks, software updates, performance optimization, help desk support for diverse IT challenges, essential cybersecurity protection, and the peace of mind that comes with backup solutions and disaster recovery planning. Additionally, we understand that each business is unique, which is why we offer customization options to tailor these contracts to your specific priorities and technology landscape.
HelpDesk Heroes is committed to clear communication and transparency throughout the entire support process. We'll immediately acknowledge your request, provide regular updates through your preferred channel (client portal, email, or phone), offer clear explanations of troubleshooting steps, anticipated timelines, and escalate issues with transparency as needed. You'll receive a complete resolution summary once your issue is fixed. Our goal is to ensure you're never left in the dark about the status of your IT support.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes provides a range of IT training solutions to empower your employees with the knowledge and skills they need for success. We offer customized on-site workshops ideal for group training on essential software, cybersecurity awareness, or common IT troubleshooting. Additionally, we provide personalized one-on-one sessions for new employees or those mastering new systems. Our online resources offer convenient, self-paced learning for continuous skill development. Our goal is to transform your staff into confident, tech-savvy users, minimizing disruptions and boosting productivity.
HelpDesk Heroes doesn't believe in a 'set it and forget it' approach to IT. We offer a combination of scheduled reviews (quarterly or biannually) for proactive assessments, reactive reviews triggered by significant changes within your business, and ongoing monitoring to identify emerging needs. This multi-pronged approach ensures your IT infrastructure adapts to your evolving business goals, potential risks are preempted, and you receive insightful recommendations to stay ahead of the technology curve.
HelpDesk Heroes is your guide to navigating the ever-evolving technology landscape. We proactively identify emerging trends and potential benefits tailored to your industry, offer personalized recommendations to help you innovate, and assist with proof-of-concept trials to minimize risk before full-scale implementation. Our goal is to help you leverage the latest IT advancements to increase efficiency, strengthen security, and gain a competitive edge.
HelpDesk Heroes understands that email disruptions can be frustrating! Before contacting us, try these troubleshooting steps: check your internet connection, restart your device, verify if the issue is with the email client or webmail, and double-check your login information. If the problem persists, reach out to our support team and provide as much detail as possible, including the specific error messages you encounter, when the problem started, and the affected device. This information will help us diagnose the issue faster and get your email back up and running smoothly.
Stay calm and act quickly! First, rule out local issues by using a site like to verify if it's a widespread outage. Immediately contact your hosting provider's support for troubleshooting and resolution updates. Transparency is key – proactively notify your customers of extended downtime via social media or email. If a quick solution isn't possible or troubleshooting is outside of your expertise, contact HelpDesk Heroes. We'll diagnose the root cause, explore workarounds, and get your website back online quickly, minimizing damage to your reputation and online presence.
HelpDesk Heroes is your first line of defense in the event of a virus outbreak! Immediate action is crucial – isolate the infected device by disconnecting it from networks and the internet, and avoid interacting with suspicious content. Contact us without delay – we specialize in swift virus identification, thorough removal utilizing the latest anti-malware tools, and data recovery from your backups. Our experts will not only eradicate the threat but also proactively strengthen your defenses to prevent future attacks, ensuring the safety of your systems and data.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes provides a wealth of resources to empower you with the knowledge to solve common IT hiccups! Explore our comprehensive knowledge base [insert link if you have one] for targeted solutions, check out reputable tech websites like PCMag (www.pcmag.com) and How-To Geek (www.howtogeek.com) for general troubleshooting, and utilize YouTube's vast library of visual tutorials. Remember, we're always here for the complex issues, but we believe in equipping you with basic self-help skills to minimize disruptions and downtime.
HelpDesk Heroes champions proactive IT maintenance! Here's a simple checklist to keep your technology running smoothly: diligently install updates for your operating system, software, and antivirus to close security gaps, establish a reliable backup routine (both locally and cloud-based), test data recovery to ensure its effectiveness, regularly remove unused files and programs to optimize performance, utilize built-in system maintenance tools, and remember to physically clean the dust from your hardware to prevent overheating. Think of these tasks as essential checkups to safeguard your technology investment and prevent major breakdowns.
HelpDesk Heroes is your IT partner in prevention. Proactive measures protect your business and save you from costly future problems. Prioritize these actions: collaborate with a trusted IT support provider for proactive monitoring and maintenance, invest in ongoing cybersecurity awareness training for your entire team, ensure robust antivirus and anti-malware software is installed on all devices, restrict unnecessary software installation privileges on work computers, and develop a detailed disaster recovery plan with backup solutions to ensure swift recovery in the worst-case scenario.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes is dedicated to providing the right level of IT support for London businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a dynamic startup or a well-established company, we'll customize our services, support packages, and technology solutions to fit your specific needs, budget, and growth ambitions.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes values transparency. Explore client testimonials and case studies on our website https://helpdeskheroes.co.uk/clients/ showcasing our successful partnerships with diverse London businesses. If you'd like more specific references tailored to your industry, we're happy to provide those directly upon request, respecting our clients' confidentiality.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes champions proactive IT maintenance as the cornerstone of a healthy, reliable IT infrastructure. We go beyond just fixing problems, offering regular system health checks, proactive software updates and critical security patching, comprehensive performance monitoring, and robust antivirus and anti-malware protection to keep your business running at peak efficiency. Think of us as your technology doctors – with preventative care and insightful monitoring, we'll detect potential issues early, safeguarding your systems, protecting your sensitive data, and minimizing the risk of costly downtime or disruptions. Let's work together to build a resilient IT foundation that fuels your business success.
HelpDesk Heroes has proudly been a part of London's thriving technology ecosystem for over 10 years, offering reliable IT support and innovative solutions. Our extensive experience allows us to anticipate the specific needs of businesses in this dynamic city and deliver tailored solutions that propel growth.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes goes beyond standard IT support! We excel in supporting accounting, real estate, media and legal sector with proven expertise relevant to the London market, design bespoke solutions for businesses with unique needs or setups, and pride ourselves on our exceptional response times and cybersecurity specialization. Let's discuss how these strengths can provide a competitive edge for your business.
HelpDesk Heroes partners with you to combat costly downtime. Our proactive maintenance identifies potential problems before they cause disruptions, our skilled technicians rapidly diagnose and fix issues, we'll recommend redundancy solutions to ensure business continuity (failovers, backup connections, etc.), and we'll collaborate on a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Our goal is to implement preventative measures and swift response strategies that protect your productivity, revenue, and reputation.
HelpDesk Heroes transforms communication and unlocks collaboration through a suite of customized IT solutions: cloud-based platforms like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace for effortless teamwork, secure and reliable email and messaging systems that keep information flowing, flexible remote access tools to empower your distributed workforce, and comprehensive training to maximize the productivity gains of these technologies.
HelpDesk Heroes understands that data security is paramount. We build a multi-layered defense combining robust firewalls and leading antivirus solutions, proactive updates and patching to close vulnerabilities, data encryption for both stored and transmitted information, strict access controls and strong password policies, ongoing cybersecurity awareness training for your team, and regular security assessments to uncover potential weaknesses before they become major breaches.
HelpDesk Heroes prioritizes compliance for your peace of mind. We maintain in-depth knowledge of the complex regulatory environment affecting London businesses, including expertise in GDPR implementation, industry-specific regulations for sectors like finance or healthcare, and an understanding of local governance rules impacting your IT systems.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes has extensive experience partnering with businesses in London, providing tailored IT solutions that address their specific challenges, streamline workflows, and meet compliance requirements. Our sector-specific knowledge and proven track record ensure your technology supports your business goals and aligns with industry best practices.
While HelpDesk Heroes specializes in comprehensive business IT support, we're happy to help with your personal technology needs. We can provide basic troubleshooting and consultations for home devices, connect you with expert residential IT specialists within our network, or offer guidance and resources to empower you to resolve common home networking issues.
Yes, HelpDesk Heroes provides a seamless IT support experience for both Windows and Apple users. Our technicians are expertly trained to troubleshoot hardware and software issues across the full range of Apple devices, including Macs, iPhones, and iPads.
HelpDesk Heroes embodies the advantages of a local IT partner: we guarantee rapid response times for urgent issues, prioritize personalized service built on relationships, leverage our in-depth knowledge of London's unique IT challenges, and take pride in supporting our community through job creation and economic growth. Think of us as your IT neighbor, always ready to help with the responsiveness and care that a faceless national provider simply can't match.
Absolutely, HelpDesk Heroes is your go-to for diagnosing and resolving frustrating performance issues. Think of us as the mechanics for your technology – we'll perform a thorough analysis to pinpoint the source of the slowdown, whether it's outdated hardware, software conflicts, network bottlenecks, or hidden malware. We'll then implement a tailored solution to get your system back up to speed, potentially including hardware upgrades, software optimization, network configuration, or targeted security measures. Our goal isn't just a quick fix – we'll provide expert recommendations for long-term efficiency, ensuring your technology supports your business, not hinders it.