Transfer your heavy media files fast and keep your collaborations productive.

Are you tired of dealing with frequent hardware and software issues, managing multiple devices, and struggling to keep up with the latest technology? As a creative media company, your focus should be on producing top-quality content, not worrying about IT support. That's where we come in. Helpdesk Heroes offer specialist IT Support to the creative industry and media companies to help them achieve more through their bespoke IT infrastructure. Our clients include small to medium sized advertising agencies, production companies, design and animation studios, and PR boutiques. It is vital that they have an IT environment that allows them to maintain focus on creativity. We work with production teams and fit around their schedule to minimize any disruption to workflow, as well as hardware or software challenges.
Using the right technology and having the most appropriate IT systems in place will help reduce administrative and overhead costs for your creative business.

All your business IT and technnological needs from a single provider. Streamline your workflows with our creative industry IT support service.

We deliver specialised IT support services for the creative industry. Our team of technical consultants are experts on the software and hosted applications typically used within the sector. We are veterans in providing IT support for creative and media industries, whether it is production management, scheduling tools, development, software or licensing.


Email & Website Hosting

Custom email solutions, Microsoft Office 365 integrations, Business Google Services management, Professional hosting on custom dedicated or colocated servers, Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. We can train your staff to use all new software you want to introduce to your teams.


Protect Your Data

Modernising your IT environment helps your business to leverage the power of technology which in turn increases productivity by supporting remote working. Even as your business grows, we will effectively manage, archive, protect and recover your data remotely and on premises using our specialised creative backup solutions.


Website & App Design

Our experienced team of UX/UI designers, back-end and front-end developers, cloud devops and system architects, native or hybrid mobile app developers and AR/VR/MR experts are ready to build all and any digital products to support your own or your clients’ needs under your own brand.


Manage Your Files

We can help you achieve smooth and painless operations designed to minimise administration and speed up file retrieval. Thousands of office documents or large media files from shoots, we will build a bespoke solution that fits your needs specifically while still allowing for future growth.


Work on the go

We will set you up correctly to ensure your level of efficiency stays high. From configuring your mobile device to syncing emails and calendars, rest assured you will have all the tools your business needs to continue delivering high quality client service.


Storage & Archiving

State-of-the-art industry specific storage solutions or a completely bespoke large file sharing, backup and recovery strategies for creative teams.


Remote IT Support

Whether you are in the office or on the road, we can access your systems and hardware remotely to fix your problem fast! Our aim always is to put things right properly to prevent the issue happening again.


Project Management

As an extension of your team we will also project manage any ring fenced projects you may have. Whether you need to install new kit, set up new software, upgrade your website or just onboard a new influx of staff, we will take control of the project from start to finish ensuring little to no disruption to your day to day operations.

Just some of the creative industry and media specific software we specialise in supporting.


Using the right hardware means the difference between well executed frictionless production and a struggle to get enough storage and data in the right place at the right time.

Some of the creative industry and media specific hardware we recommend and specialise in supporting.


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