HelpDesk Heroes are here to help you securely store your most vital and confidential business data. We offer our data storage back up services offsite or onsite, each with its own advantages. Our data storage team of experts will advise you on the most efficient solutions for your business.

Keeping your latest company data updated. Data security is an important for any business that collects, stores and manages data. We provide a secure range of data storage, recovery and backup service solutions. Finally, we ensure your business data is fully protected to give you the assurance you and your customers require. Our cost effective secure solutions protect your business with our reliable disaster recovery and backup solutions.



Reduce business down-time with on-site storage

Our HelpDesk Heroes on-site data storage service handles the secure backing up of your essential business data on local storage devices. We will make sure that your data is safe, protecting your information physically and ensuring that you are able to maintain total peace of mind in the event of any unexpected disaster potentially resulting in data loss.



Avoid data disaster with Offsite storage

Our offsite storage service allows you to backup important business data and have the peace of mind that the information is being kept securely. Using our services ensures that you can reclaim your information if disaster strikes. With HelpDesk Heroes if you experience a system failure or loss of premises we will restore your data quickly and efficiently as part of your disaster recovery plan.


Your reliable recovery solution

In addition to our data storage services London, we provide reliable disaster recovery solutions for your business systems and data. If, in the event of disaster, you lose your business data our robust Data Restoration & Recovery services will restore your information for you. We work hard at keeping any disruption to business workflow to a minimum.



Avoid loss of valuable data

The HelpDesk Heroes back-up solutions ensure that there is no loss or deletion of the original data even if the initial source crashed or was deleted. Data SAS (Safety, availability, and security) is absolute and guaranteed. If you need help with your data storage solutions our skilled, experienced technical HelpDesk support team is available on the phone, online or at your office.

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