IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Benefits

IT Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Benefits

IT Disaster Recovery Plan Benefits

Is your company prepared to quickly recover IT operations in an emergency?
Having a robust IT disaster recovery service have many benefits for your business in a number of ways. UK businesses and organisations rely on data and need to store it securely as well as have constant access to it, when recovery is needed.

The effect of hardware failure, human error, hacking or malware data loss or corruption can really disrupt business operations and transactions. If distaster strikes you will need Emergency IT Support

The #1 Investment for IT Resilience

Quantifying the IT disaster recovery plan benefits in terms of hard costs saved from reduced downtime can help justify the investment in disaster preparedness. Disruption, loss in productivity and revenue, in addition to being at risk losing critical data are expensive. That’s why every business should always budget for cybersecurity issues and have an up to date disaster recovery plan in place to protect its IT infrastructure.

Cyber threats, data acquisitions and failure of facilities due to external reasons can all be prevented. A disaster recovery plan will serve to protect and preserve your organisation’s operations as effectively and consistently as possible.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), this plan also referred to as a network disaster recovery plan, is a fully documented set of procedures. The document outlines procedures to resume normal working capacity as fast as possible in the event of an IT disaster. This process will allow your business to recover and protect your business IT infrastructure and resume a normal working day.

It is important to have a disaster recovery plan in place so that you can respond to a disaster quickly and do recovery efficiently to minimise the effects.

The 5 Key IT Recovery Disaster Plan Benefits

Business sustainability and efficiency is the clear advantage of developing a plan. Having a strategic approach to recovery will help your business in many ways, not only after disaster. Some of the key advantages of detailing the IT recovery processes include;

1. Identify critical people and vendors

When your systems fail, the first step is to let everyone know who is responsible and find out if they notified the people who can help fix the problem. With a good DRP you will be able contact these key people 24/7 and they expect to be reached via the agreed means.- Identify critical systems and applications

2. Standardizes processes

Detailed steps to safely restore systems & operations - Consistent plans mean every execution of recovery runs efficiently.

3. Prevents mistakes or overlooks

With procedures documented, you avoid scrambling or missing steps that could prolong outages..

4. Allows for testing

- Allowing for testing is always a good thing! Detailed plans can be simulated and improved regularly via testing.

5. Prepares staff

Prepares staff, and in particular less experienced staff - Plans give those with less experience a guide to properly recover systems.

The more detailed the IT disaster recovery steps, the more reliably, rapidly, and safely an organization can restore normal operations during a crisis. It's a core element of an effective DRP.

Get back to business as soon as possible

According to the UK official Cyber Security Breaches Survey "Almost half of businesses (46%) and a quarter of charities (26%) report having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. Among the 46 per cent of businesses that identify breaches or attacks, one in five (19%) have experienced a material outcome, losing money or data."

Here at HelpDesk Heroes we perform an audit and highlight any areas that need special attention. Areas we focus on are emergency response, back up and recovery procedures. Delivering complete backup and DR infrastructures both in the cloud or on-site. We make sure that your IT disaster recovery plan is bespoke, robust and future proof.

We say no more costly downtime.

With HelpDesk Heroes as your IT disaster recovery solution providers you can confidently reduce downtime and prevent losses to your business.

Read more here about our data recovery services London.

Need to review your IT disaster recovery plan?

Contact us for more information on creating a strong IT disaster Recovery plan and keep your business going 24/7.

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