23 Apps to Manage Multiple Email Accounts Effectively

23 Apps to Manage Multiple Email Accounts Effectively

The ultimate guide to managing multiple email accounts effectively

Constantly switching between email accounts? Tired of logging in and out? These days most of us have to manage multiple email accounts. Whether they are old emails set up years ago, personal or business. There are lots of apps designed to manage multiple email accounts and platforms effectively.

Email managers speed up and simplify time-consuming tasks. Some are designed to organise your inbox, while others help you access multiple inboxes in one place as well as getting rid of unwanted subscriptions, newsletters, ads and more.

But first, let's explain a bit...

What is an email client app?

MailBird explains that "An email client is a web browser or desktop interface that helps you manage the emails you send or receive. "

Email client platforms are software that helps you manage your email. Not just the emails you receive, but your mail as a whole. They can help you to unsubscribe from that newsletter you signed in years ago, to managing special dates through your calendar.

An app to manage your email (or multiple emails at once) is like having an productivity management tool and a virtual assistant. It will remind you of what you need, and what you can leave for later.

Why do you need an email client app?


An average worker spends 28 percent of the workweek just to manage emails, that’s more than 11 hours!

That said, these apps will make your job easier. With organised emails, you can collaborate and communicate more with your workmates and never miss important messages from colleagues or clients. It will save you more time so you can work productively, and focus better on which emails matter the most. It will be easier for you to reply to inquiries without scanning through irrelevant messages.

Here are the most popular emails apps that can work within your business as well as personal use.

23 Apps to Manage Multiple Email Accounts Effectively this 2021+Bonus

First, let's start with the most basic apps to manage multiple email accounts easily.

1. Microsoft Outlook (Mobile and Web)


Outlook an old and reliable webmail company, and they offer a strong and secure platform.

Since having a smart calendar to track your payments and meetings, to managing multiple accounts. Microsoft Outlook for business is a good option for several companies that want to have strong communication. Also, you can add up to 20 emails and it’s not necessary to be from Outlook but it can be from other platforms.

It is good, but not free. It goes from $5 to $20 per month, depending on the plan.

2. Mail and Calendar by Microsoft (Windows)


Mail and Calendar is a Windows app, the equivalent of Outlook for mobile.

It is featured by Microsoft and provides you with security and several features like calendar, managing bars to move easily from calendar to email, and reminders and notifications.

It is free.

3. Gmail (Mobile and Web)


Gmail is not the strongest app to manage multiple accounts, but it is constantly evolving and improving its platform.

It lets you manage multiple accounts, snooze messages, and having different signatures for different cases. Also, Gmail has several features that not everybody uses like changing the display density, a collapsible side panel to manage other G-suit software, leaving comments on Docs directly on the mail, and malicious document detection.

It is free to use.

4. Mail by Apple (iOS, macOS)


Apple Mail is the default mail app in every iOS device. Like Gmail, it is basic but constantly improving.

You can manage multiple accounts, but they don’t provide many features but basic ones like smart inboxes, smart filters, flag messages, and creating signatures for different situations, but that's it. It is not a business app.

5. Sortd (Chrome Extension)


An email management tool like Sortd helps you organise all your emails and tasks. More than an app perse, Sortd is a Chrome extension that provides smart skin to Gmail.

It has a template board you can customise, so you can keep track of everything from your emails, tasks, to schedules. Sortd is easy to use. Its drag and drop feature works very fine. You just need to drag-drop your emails and to do’s into your Sortd boards, and you’ll see everything.

Tasks and emails pop back in your inbox too, when they need to be followed up, or acted upon. You’ll never miss important emails. It changes your email inbox appearance, and provides an intuitive way so you can prioritise important emails.

This extension is not free, but you can have a 14-day free trial.

6. Shift (Windows, macOS, Linux)


Shift is a unified platform where you can access all your email accounts, apps, and browsers. It allows you to easily shift between Gmail or Inbox, Calendar, Drive and so on, without the hassle of logging in and out or opening so many windows or tabs all the time. It works as a desktop application where you can integrate all your inboxes.

This app offers a free plan or starts from $99/year.

7. Boomerang (Web Browser, Extension and Outlook)


If you write a lot of emails, then Boomerang is a great app to use. This app has plenty of features including a built-in sending scheduler, where you write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically on your set date. Its scheduling features save you and your team time, double bookings, and missed meetings, because it adds meeting details to your calendar right from your inbox.

With boomerang, you’ll know who didn’t respond to your emails, so you will never forget to follow up with people. It has an AI assistant too, and an interruption blocker that only allows emails to arrive at certain times.

It is free, but it also has paid subscriptions. You have a 30-day trial to make a decision.

8. Front (Windows, macOS, iOS and Android)


Front is a great option if email collaboration is vital in your company or organisation. It makes team collaboration simple. This software helps prioritise, manage, and reply to emails efficiently. You can share drafts to your teammates, and review messages real-time. There are also team inboxes that are viewable by the whole team. Apps integration is also possible in Front. Access Asana, Salesforce, and other apps directly from your inbox while keeping your data in sync.

They have several prices depending on your needs, but you can have a 7-day free trial to make the proper choice.

9. SaneBox (iOS)


Sanebox is an AI-base service that optimises your email process. It hides messages from unwelcomed senders, tracks auto-replies, sends follow up reminders, and more. You don’t need to sort emails on your own, Sanebox is smart enough to sort and filter which emails are important to you, and put them in separate folders. This app also has a one-click unsubscribe from unwanted emails feature, and it has the ability to track someone who hasn’t replied to your email yet.

It's prices may vary according your needs, but you'll have a 14-day trial.

10. Mailbird (Windows, macOS and Outlook)


Mailbird is designed to give a unified email management solution. It brings your email and tasks together in one location for easy access. This app supports scheduling, tasks, and it integrates third party apps such as Facebook, Slack, DropBox, WhatsApp, Asana and more. Meaning, when you add one of these apps in your Mailbird interface, you no longer need to switch between apps in your browser tabs, theapp will show up right with your interface. Mailbird allows you to configure your interface to your liking. It’s easy to use, convenient, and navigable.

Mailbird is not free, but you can pay a life-time license by $79.

11. ProProfs Help Desk (Web)


ProProfs Help Desk is an email management software. It allows you to convert customer communication into a unique ticket so you can ensure that your customers get a timely and aquality response. It also offers a shared space for all your customer-facing inboxes (sales@, support@, help@, billing@, contact@, etc.), allowing your team to reach Inbox Zero faster.

This software improves team productivity, sends automatic notifications to team members working on a specific ticket, and provides canned responses to you to automatically communicate to clients. Use these apps and softwares so you won’t struggle to keep your inboxes under control. Aside from that, these tools will also help you match your business’ customer support needs.

ProProfs Help Desk is free, but it has paid options.

12. Thunderbird (Linux, macOS and Windows)


Thunderbird is an email manager, news platform, and calendar created by Mozilla. It’s simple to use yet complete enough to manage multiple email accounts easily.

It lets you manage multiple accounts but also offers several features as smart folders to filter certain email automatically, several filter options to find information faster and analytics. It also lets you archive important emails without having to delete them.

This app is free, and you can find it in their website.

13. eM Client (Windows)


This is an excellent app to manage multiple email accounts, offering several features to manage your email, calendar, contacts notes and chat.

In eM Client you can check all your emails from the same inbox without having to check multiple accounts. Also you can have them translated automatically, and snooze messages to control the “time to receive messages”.

It is secure, fast, and easy to use. It is free for an individual, letting you manage two emails, but if you are an enterprise you’ll have to do one-time payment of $25.

14. Zimbra (Windows, macOS, Linux, and Outlook)


Zimbra is an email client platform powered by Synacor, a company focused to help their client to get better engagement with customers. They know the importance of having a strong email client platform.

Working online and offline is one of its benefits, and having several collaboration options like calendar, briefcase, contacts, and tasks.

It is not free, and to get a quote you have to ask them directly.

15. Hiri (Windows, macOS, and Linux)


Hiri is a complete app to manage multiple email accounts easily; it has features as a calendar, filters to manage your inbox better, and a task list.

It also provides you with a smart assistant that filters messages in different boxes depending on the subject line, so you can know the level of importance.

Do you want to try Hiri? They give you a seven-day trial to take your decision.

16. Airmail (iOS, macOS)


Airmail is one of the exclusive apps to manage multiple email accounts for iOS, it offers basic like calendar, snooze, and multiple account management.

It also offers some good features like using templates and managing messages in bulk.

Many of these features are free, but if you want Airmail Pro you can test it for free and then do a $3 monthly payment.

17. Edison Mail (Android, iOS)


Managing multiple accounts it’s not the only thing this app provides, since it provides a lot of good features, one of them, not ads.

Edison Mail’s smart assistant can filter different messages, track important information like deliveries, flight information, and weather destination in case you are going to travel.

Also, it suggests to you some newsletters you should unsubscribe and verify email senders to avoid phishing.

This app is free.

18. MailMate (macOS)


MailMate is an app to manage multiple email accounts developed by Benny Kjær Nielsen. This app is exclusive for macOS, it is not free, but they give you a 30 days free trial.

Besides managing multiple accounts, you can integrate several third-party apps like calendars manager or external text editors. MailMate also gives you several ways to filter messages by email sender, subject line, or body text.

19. Polymail (Android, iOS, macOS, and Web)


Polymail is a professional app to manage multiple accounts and do several different tasks easily. Outreach campaigns, monitoring sent messages and interactions, and analytics are just a few features.

You can also manage bulk unsubscription from undesired newsletters and follow up pending tasks. Polymail lets you not just adding multiple accounts, but sharing with other teammates to collaborate.

Its prices are between $10 and $49 monthly. But it has a 7-day free trial.

20. Postbox (macOS, Windows)


This is another great option for professionals who are looking for apps to manage multiple email accounts. It is complete and has a lot of good features that can make your email management easier.

Postbox includes account groups to organize your email from work and personal in different groups, yet you can check them under a general view. You can also tag and filter social media emails in a different group too.

Currently, they have a discount due to Covid-19 so you just have to pay %39 for a lifetime license.

21. Spark (iOS, macOS)


Spark is a great free email app that can help you increase productivity. Having a "smart inbox and searches" feature, make its UX convenient since you can see what you need faster.

Spark can give you benefits as templates to answer quickly, creating drafts that can be shared in time with team-mates, and private email discussion with your team.

This app is free but if you need to add more collaborators, email templates, or team roles, you’ll have to pay $6.39 per month.

22. Spike (Android, iOS)


Spike is a strong email management app for smartphones. Managing collaborations with your teams, calendar features, and video and call options makes this app to manage multiple emails an all-in-one option.

You can also have options like priority inbox, quick replies, and bulk actions, making it easier to use. It also includes other cool features and everything under control since your messages are encrypted.

This app is free for individuals or SMEs, but you can pay for extra options and more team members.

23. Inky (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Web)


This is one of the apps to manage multiple email accounts focused on security. Their main purpose is avoiding scams and phishing emails.

Today is too common to receive suspicious emails and links, and Inky knows that. They provide an analysis tool to check malicious links, instant verification to check if an email is secure and analytics of malicious emails that have been received and blocked.

Its prices are not live, but you can ask for a demo on their site.

Bonus: Streak CRM for Gmail (Chrome Extension, Android and iOS)


As Sortd, Streak CRM is a Chrome extension. The difference is that streak adds some new functions, but the email looks almost the same.

Though Streak is a CRM created to optimize the messaging process with customers, by creating funnels. It also gives excellent options to organize your inbox in different pipes.

You can also track messages, organize your contacts in a better way, and follow up on unresponded emails. This extension is free but you can try paid options if you are an enterprise.

How to choose the best apps to manage multiple accounts?

There are lots of options and apps to manage multiple email accounts in an effective way. Ultimately, it depends on your individual or company needs.

At HelpDesk Heroes we advise our clients on the best way to manage their business and multiple emails that's relevant to their business and personal experience or preferences. Our team uses our private and secure email hosting solutions that we offer to our clients as well, combined with Slack for a more technical real time communication.

Our recommendation is to go and try some of these apps to manage multiple email accounts, there are no bad solutions on this list. Find the perfect match for you and your team.

If you need a hand with your email hosting after that? We can help.

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Tell us about your technical needs and we will recommend the ideal solution for you.

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