Covid-19 How we adapted

Covid-19 How we adapted

Adapting our Business during Covid-19 Lockdown

As the rest of the world goes into a state of frenzy over being told to STAY HOME, for most techies, being told to WFH (Work From Home) is received as a blessing! Many of them are in their element given the current global situation. They can just get on with things without travel!


Here at HelpDesk Heroes not much has changed. Due to our global collaborative nature and international clients, we have lived and worked in a very agile manner. Our team are used to working from different corners of the globe, whether they’re on a business trip, team getaway, in the city at meetings or visiting our clients at their premises. We are always connected and driving things forward on the go, not just from our HQ.

Fortunately, having developed forward thinking workflows and pipelines with the team and our clients over the years, it has made this transition very smooth – we just need our workstations and internet connection – and we’re unstoppable!

How we stay positive and productive

For myself, everyone who knows me, appreciates that I live and die by my orange ties. Every day when I wake up and grab the tie, it still feels like a normal day and helps me get focused on the work that needs to be done.


Working From Home and Communication

As a team, we have been using Slack as our main form of communication for a long time and we have formed a good routine together to keep each other in good spirits. We all have different home situations, some are isolating with loved ones and others are isolating alone, both of which come with their own challenges. Despite us all being further apart physically, we have all become closer to support each other in these trying times. It has always been our invaluable real-time work collaboration tool and now it has also become our support network for staying connected and keeping each other motivated.

This level of support is then passed onto our clients, many of which we have known and worked with for many years. In these unprecedented times, people who have had similar workflows for decades are having to integrate solutions that they never thought they would have to endure and are doing it within their own homes. We whole-heartedly understand the changes and challenges that everyone has had to go through and because our clients are an extension of our team, we gain great pride from helping them continue doing what they are great at.

Now back to memes. Endless amounts of memes. You would be surprised at how quickly some of our team can find a perfect meme for any situation. Whilst occasionally used in inappropriate situations, they never fail to get a few laughs and lighten the mood.


What we’ve done with our clients

Our client base ranges between many different industries and all have required a slightly different approach to be able to keep running optimally. Some companies have acquired additional laptops and workstations for staff to continue working uninterrupted. VPN comes as a standard with all our clients, so a secure home connectivity took literally no time to set up for all new home workers. Our great relationship with our suppliers and quick thinking allowed us to stay ahead, reserve and get laptops, desktops and all peripherals to our clients before the full lockdown was instigated and stock levels vanished overnight.

Our clients within the financial industry have required secure access to their files and integration with cloud services such as QuickBooks online and Sage. Whereas for our clients in the education sector we have hosted tutorial sessions on how to best use communication platforms like Zoom or Teams so they can continue to teach their classes.

Proactive monitoring

We put our team and client safety first and have withdrawn from any unnecessary site visits to clients’ offices wherever possible. Of course, there are the occasional tasks that require a physical presence – to change drives and power cycle certain hardware. From the beginning of all of our client relationships, we implement and maintain proactive monitoring on all services under our management. This has always allowed us to stay ahead of any potential problems before they require a physical resolution, which is important especially now – keeping our team, clients and cities and the NHS as safe as possible.

We are not just IT – we are HelpDesk Heroes!

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