Top Tips: Keeping Your Business Data Secure

Top Tips: Keeping Your Business Data Secure

How to keep your business data secure

Keeping your data secure is definitely top of the list of priorities for businesses and organisations of all sizes. In addition, they and are a critical part of the general data protection regulation (GDPR). Creating a good data security strategy is more important than ever.

Especially at this time with the global coronavirus outbreak and so many businesses having to provide solutions for staff working remotely. Protecting against common attacks and employing cybersecurity best practices will help in reducing threats to your data security.

What : Identify and understand your data

To begin with, take some time to review the data that you collect on your customers, clients, members and staff. To comply with GDPR guidelines ensure that you are collecting only what is absolutely necessary to your communications and marketing needs.

Where : Is your business data stored securely?

Take a look at where your data is kept and how it is accessed. Understanding where your data is stored is fundamental to its security. Ensure you are using up to date software and technology to minimise the chance of a breach.

Who : Review number of staff with access to business data

How many members of your team have access to sensitive data. Many data security issues within businesses and organisations are because of human error. Make sure you know who is handling your data and only provide essential access.

Prepare : Identify future threats with a data risk assessment

Reduce your risk of a data breach in the future by identifying any potential threats and how severely your organization could be impacted if a security breach were to occur. Ensure that all the appropriate safeguards are put into place to protect and mitigate risks to your sensitive data.

Prevention: Educate your staff

Educating your staff about data privacy and cyber security are essential. Whether you have full time or remote workers, how information is handled is important. Cybersecurity awareness is a great way to reduce a potential data breach. Keeping work devices safe as well as staff training is an effective way to reduce the risks of potential data security threats.

Maintain: Backup your data regularly and securely

When was the last time you backed up your files? Losing your data can be costly and time consuming. Let's be honest, it's a nightmare. Make sure that your sensitive business data is always backed up in a secure environment. Always do this regularly. This will save you from any disruption in case of disaster.

Protect: Invest in the best protection software and regularly run scans

Finally, keeping your data protected for the future means you can be assured that you will avoid any unwanted intrusion. Avoid malicious malware and cyber criminals by investing in the best software to protect your devices and information.

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