Flexible Working Solutions for Business

Flexible Working Solutions for Business

Making remote staff secure at home

Flexible and remote working solutions have become more common over the years, with the trend continuing for both small and large businesses. With the coronavirus situation increasing staff may need to work from home it is more important than ever to protect your company information and communications.

The UK Government has said that up to 20% of UK workers could be off work in the next couple of months. Large companies including Twitter have already organised to have their global staff work from home.

When making flexible remote working arrangements, ensuring that you have a robust BYOD policy in place, strong network security and reliable remote IT Support is vital.

Your BYOD Policy

Make sure all your staff are knowledgeable on your (bring your own device) BYOD policy. If you haven't updated it recently, now is a good time to review it. Implementing guidelines and policies to restrict access to networks, maintain the use of complex passwords are just some of the ways to strengthen your security.

Securing Your Staff Devices

Putting in place professional cybersecurity systems for remote employees. This will help to reduce the risks of cyber attacks and protect business and customer data and secure systems and networks.

Remote IT Support And IT Security

With remote working there are security concerns to be addressed. Your employees need to have secure remote access to business data when using their devices at home. In order to protect your staff from viruses and malicious attacks, having up to date firewalls and antivirus is a must.

Collaboration and Video Conferencing

Any meetings that take place can be done with video conferencing. Here at HelpDesk Heroes we can provide excellent connectivity for your employees as well as Remote IT Support. We can also advise on any collaboration apps for your team requirements.

We are vendor neutral and provide the very best technical solutions according to your business needs. We provide remote IT support for business across a range of industries, fixing any problems fast and keeping your networks running smoothly.

If you don’t have a dedicated IT department and need to outsource. We help businesses successfully navigate the ever changing remote work environment. We offer flexible and affordable solutions that can be implemented quickly.

Do you need IT support?

We have the right solutions for your business.

Tell us about your technical needs and we will recommend the ideal solution for you.

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Professional Outsourced IT Support London

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and effective IT solutions. Working with clients in London and around the UK, across a range of industries. Our expert IT support services offer a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.

If you need to outsource your IT support or reviewing your existing IT services arrangements contact our technical HelpDesk support team today.

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