Set up your employees' home office

Set up your employees' home office

Setting up a home office for your employees

Working from a home office is swiftly becoming the new norm for many businesses around the globe. For companies, it means setting up your home office for staff, who will be separated from each other for the first time.
Moving away from a traditional workspace, can present new challenges. From the logistics of remote teams and communications to enhanced IT security.

Therefore it is the right time for businesses to step up the communication, cybersecurity with specialised assistance from a reliable remote IT support. Although we would all agree, it is always desirable to build the bridge to remote-working when the time is right, in times where circumstances are changing promptly, however, HelpDesk Heroes are offering a quick and reliable set-up to improve the efficiency, security, and engagement of remote employees, even when there is little time to prepare.

The switch from office to a home office

In an office environment, employees spend their time sitting next to their colleagues, making collaboration very efficient and easy. It is not uncommon that with working from home the natural face-to-face communication goes out of the window and managing virtually might become a challenge.

HelpDesk Heroes can help your business tackle these challenges by providing excellent connectivity for all employees and we can advise on the most suited collaboration apps and tools for your team’s needs. Whether you are looking after business email solutions, Microsoft Office 365 apps or other business services on your PC, Mac and other devices – we have the right hosted desktop options for you. Through our cloud services, our IT heroes eliminate the hassle and cost attached to managing and maintaining your equipment. We provide a range of solutions for employees switching to working
from home.

Getting the right equipment

When you start working from home it is a good idea to get set up with a dedicated space and te right equipment. Consider investing in a proper desk and chair with proper support.

Depending on your work, a laptop is usually more practical than a desktop computer, and it gives you the freedom to work from other spots around the house. A second monitor is also useful if you have the space.

Mobile Device security

With staff using their own devices and computers in their home office it is imortant to have a BYOD policy in place and a clear mobile device management strategy. Ensuring that employees keep their personal devices up-to-date with the relevant security patches when they access work files is important.

Preventing phishing attacks

When transitioning into a remote work environment, keeping up with IT security is more important than ever. With coronavirus-related phishing attacks growing at a fast pace along with gereral email based threats, tighter security is needed. In other words, suspicious emails and communication online need to be monitored as IT security breaches might be endangering your business. Our IT heroes can act fast on any security concerns you might have through proactive assessment and management of your system from all threats so you can get on with running your business as usual.

Remote IT Support

If things go wrong when you are working from home Remote IT is vital!

Let's face it, not all your staff will be techies, that's why the IT scheme can be a great challenge for a home office. Basic computer usage such as Microsot Office or Windows is a thing but not everybody knows how to install software, maintaince or detect cyber threats that can put in danger your company.

On the other hand, if a problem occurs you or your team won't have access to your IT team when working from home. That's why remote IT support can be beneficial.

Having in mind a reliable remote IT support team can be practical and can save you time and frustrations.

Home office can be a challenge, but using the right equipment, following the right protocols and having a plan in case of problems, can make the WFH challenge a pleasant experience.

Do you need help for employees switching to working
from home.

If you need any help with getting your project online call our team today on 20 3831 2780. We can help and advise you on the best solutions.

Tell us about your technical needs and we will recommend the ideal solution for you.

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