BT 2025 shutdown

BT 2025 shutdown

No more 'traditional' PSTN service with the BT 2025 shutdown

The BT 2025 Shutdown - what this means for your business. With today's changing communications technology, businesses of all sizes will have to update their phone systems over the next couple of years. BT announced back in 2015 that they are planning to switch off their PSTN and ISDN phone lines and migrate all their business UK customers to VOIP and SIP solutions by 2025. Communications technology is in a new era, moving away from legacy ISDN telephone lines to using digital IP voice services.

IP as the standard protocol

It will be possible to buy ISDN lines until September 2023 after which there will be a forced migration phase between April and December 2025. So instead of investing in any more expensive traditional phone systems, we recommend that businesses start upgrading to VoIp or SIP solutions. With the BT 2025 shut down and moving away from legacy ISDN telephone lines here are the alternatives.

What are SIP phone lines?

SIP Phone Lines or SIP trunks are an internet based replacement for ISDN. They are often cheaper than traditional lines and offer more capacity and additional features, but they do rely on having a good, stable broadband connection. SIP uses virtual phone lines rather than physical lines like ISDN. It is the best alternative solution if you have an on-premise phone system.

SIP solutions offer greater flexibility and allow you to add or remove phone lines easily. Call quality is good and overall call costs are lower. If you have existing phone systems they may be compatible with SIP.

Hosted VoIP solutions (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems use your existing internet lines without having to invest in an on premises phone system. It means that you are basically renting your phone system. This is an ideal solution for businesses who want the benefits including advanced functions and scalability without the costly maintenance costs. There are benefits with standard features, such as video conferencing (with the appropriate handsets), call routing, along with flexible functions. To find out more, read our complete guide to VoIP here.

What's best for my business?

SIP can cover all communication needs of a business, voice calls, video calls, live chat messaging and more. VoIP covers primarily voice and most readily available handsets support smart voice features. SIP solution is best if you want an all-in-one integrated solution for conferencing as an upgrade of an existing system and VoIP if you only need a phone system.

Our engineers here at HelpDesk Heroes recommend using VoIP as an affordable and easy go to market solution for all telephony needs. To be complemented by Zoom or Google Meet if the business requires an affordable video conferencing solution avoiding more complex and costly upgrades.

Planning for BT 2025 shutdown.

Planning your migration with the phasing out of ISDN, businesses will have to consider how many sites they have and how many extensions they will need. Whether you work with remote staff or have temporary staff working with you at times. The time it will take to upgrade will depend on these factors. If you are thinking of upgrading, talk to one of our Heroes and they will take you through all your best options that are specific to your requirements and future growth.

Do you need VoIP Solutions?

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