VoIP is an excellent solution for any size of business. From making and receiving local, mobile or international calls to video conferencing, you will be able to access your phone system anywhere you have a consistent broadband connection.

VoIP services are flexible and easy to scale. We provide a range of hosted VoIP services and handle your entire VoIP installation for your business. From basic services in addition to more complex integrated systems.


Save money using VoIP cloud-based phone systems for your business phone calls. An affordable option for businesses of all sizes, our clients benefit from the cheaper costs of VoIP systems compared to traditional phone charges. VoIP services will reduce your business phone costs significantly, as well as being feature-rich for greater control.

Being able to make low-cost business calls and video conferencing on the go, while using your existing broadband offers greater flexibility. In addition, features including auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail to email, and conference calling come as standard.


We provide VoIP phone systems for small businesses around the UK, whatever the size of your organisation, we have a hosted VoIP solution for you. If you need to expand your phone system at any time, VoIP systems are scalable and easy to apply to your tailor-made needs. We implement systems that will integrate and grow seamlessly with your business.

Simple and easy to use admin features make it straightforward to manage whether it is adding new users or phone lines to accommodate remote or temporary staff. If you need to switch from an existing traditional PBX system to VoIP, are a large company or have multiple office locations, we can have our Heroes advise and implement more complex solutions.


The HelpDesk Heroes team will provide the latest VoIP solutions for your business needs. Simply tell us what you need from your communications and together with our expert team we will show you how to achieve it easily and affordably. We work with the best and most cost-efficient VoIP software available.

To enable VoIP, all you need is a broadband connection. HelpDesk Heroes will integrate a web-based application with traditional phone systems or unified communications workflows. We work to ensure your VoIP communications run seamlessly with your existing system.

Do you need professional VoIP services for your business?

To learn more about how HelpDesk Heroes VoIP services can benefit your business, contact our team today. We work across a range of industries with VoIP solutions for large or small businesses.

Tell us about your business needs and we will recommend the ideal VoIP solutions for you.

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