HelpDesk Heroes manage your IT so you can focus on your engineering business

As an engineering company, you know that staying ahead of the competition requires advanced technology and cutting-edge software. But managing complex IT systems can be a major challenge.

Helpdesk Heroes offer specialist bespoke IT support your engineering business and help you achieve more through your IT systems. Whether you want help with a single project or total management of your IT infrastructure. Having the right technology and IT infrastructure in place is essential to having a competitive advantage.

The engineering industry requires a focus on IT security and specialist software expertise. With special attention to precision and error reduction, mobile device fleet management to streamline staff management and collaboration solutions that enable better staff and client comms. As well as CRM/LOB software development that tailors your systems to you.


Full Audit:

We provide a top down analysis of your current systems and workflows, reporting back with a full detailed analysis report letting you know where your systems are failing and how we intend to fix it.


Accounting Software Expertise:

Sage Accounts & Payroll, Iris, PTP, QuickBooks, Xero, TaxCalc, , Virtual Cabinet, and SUN Accounting.

Data Management:

Centralised access point for easy management and access to data for remote and on site teams.


Disaster Recovery:

We will support your business against natural human error by setting policies, tools and procedures in place to enable the recovery data quickly and efficiently.

Remote IT Support:

Whether you are in the office or working from home, we can access your systems remotely to fix your problem fast! Our aim always is to put things right properly to prevent the issue happening again.

Industry Experience:

We have worked with numerous accounting firms and with many different types of systems and software’s, so we know exactly what you need from your IT Support partner.

Just some of the engineering software we specialise in using


Stay secure and streamline your delivery pipeline with our Engineering IT support solutions

We deliver specialised IT support services for engineering businesses. Our team of technical consultants are experts on the software and hosted applications typically used within the engineering sector.


Large data transfer

With our pragmatic approach to IT infrastructure builds, we optimise storage speeds for large files. This means that your engineers in the field can work seamlessly and securely send scan data back to the office.


High-Spec 3D Modelling

High-Spec 3D Modelling machines made to order. We know that 3D modelling and CAD work is very computer heavy and without the proper equipment your staff will spend half of their time waiting for their workstation to keep up. We purpose build workstations with high end GPU’s, CPU’s and more RAM than you will ever need.


Licensing servers

Network licensing allow multiple users to share a limited number of licenses. Network licensing helps ensure that your users have access to the right software at the right time and enables you to control the use of your software licenses easily and efficiently.


CRM/LOB software development

CRM – CRM/LOB software development, manage existing and deployment of new LOB applications. We make sure that all aspects of your company from Sales to HR are running as efficiently as possible.


Engineer communication

Improving IT communication platforms with field engineers and collaboration solutions that enable better staff and client comms. This includes data storage, pre-visualisation and delivery.


Archiving old projects

As you progress through new projects every week there will be old projects that don’t need to be accessed all the time and. We implement archiving solutions to clean up live storage and ensure that historical data is stored away effectively.


Managing renewals

We take ownership of all of your software renewals so that you don’t have to concern yourself with not being able to access your software when needed. Combining this with a licensing server solution keeps your team working as efficiently as possible doing what they do best.


Project Management

As an extension of your team we will also project manage any ring fenced projects you may have. Whether you need to install new kit, upgrade your website or just onboard a new influx of staff, we will take control of the project from start to finish ensuring little to no disruption to your day to day operations.