Choosing a Business Name

Choosing a Business Name

Choosing a Business Name - Top tools and tips

So you have a great idea and a fantastic new business name. Then you discover that the domain is not available or that someone is using the name on social media. Now what! Back to the drawing board. Choosing a business name can be more difficult these days which so much competition.

The good news is that there are business name generators available that can help you come up with unique business names.

Choosing a business name with random name generator tools

These tools can help you to generate hundreds of business name suggestions.



Shopify is a hugely popular platform for several reasons. Shopify has a great feature that allows you to find hundreds of unique business names in just a few clicks. Most significantly, Shopify only displays business name suggestions that include available domains, allowing you to establish an immediate online presence.

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This is another useful tool. The Oberlo business name generator makes the process of coming up with a name for your company much easier, and it’s free. Just type in a keyword related to your company's main concept and click "generate names." You'll see a page-long list of unique business names you can choose from.

You can scroll through the alternatives and choose your preferred business name, then register domain – the generator has built-in functions that assist it in generating business names for which domain registration is possible.

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BizNameWiz is a name generator that requires very little effort on your part. To use this company name generator, simply type in a word or words that come to mind, and it will generate a list of potential business names. This tool will also show you which domain names are currently available.

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Business Name Generator


BNG creates 20 interesting business name ideas using a catchy business name generator tool to give you some inspiration.

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NameSnack uses a combination of approaches such as machine learning, keyword combining, and other proprietary techniques, as well as immediate domain search capabilities, to develop unique names in a matter of seconds.

NameSnack is a combination of a name generator and a domain name generator.

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WebHostingGeeks invites you to identify the sort of domain you want and to input the associated word that best describes your business.

One of the best features of this name generator is that it displays the availability of each option's domain and Twitter account. Simply pick on a name that appeals to you, and the program will check for these things and provide the findings in a window.

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Name Mesh


Name Mesh may be the best company name generator for you if you have particular keywords in mind already. The program performs an excellent job of recommending suitable accessible domains.

Another great feature is that it categorizes the name recommendations into categories like common, similar, new, and fun to assist you in finding the best business name for your needs. Thousands of distinct names are offered to you, sorted into various groups.

Word Lab


Wordlab has various name generators, such as a name builder, that you can use to add to your existing ideas. There are approximately 340,000 choices to pick from in this generator, including unique, powerful names that can help your organization establish brand awareness.

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Brand Root


Brandroot is a one-of-a-kind business name generator with a domain name. Each name on the list is carefully chosen and then offered for sale with a professional logo and a reasonable price. To get a brand name for your specialty, search by keyword or category.

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Namesmith brand name generator allows you to include up to five keywords in your domain name. You'll be shown domains with precise keywords, blends, rhymes, pre-suffixes, and alterations based on the keywords you chose. If you find a name that you like, tick the box and you'll be directed to GoDaddy to buy the name.

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Your business name is more than simply a logo; it's also a powerful, memorable name that may help people remember you.

The first step in building a brand is to come up with a name for your company. This can be the most enjoyable aspect when you’re starting up.

>Your business name has to be unique, compelling, and easy to pronounce or identify. It should also tell something about the category where your product or services belong or give an idea about your products and their qualities.

When naming your company, you should consider the connection it establishes with your audience or target market, your sector, trade, and the service you are offering. But, you must not only come up with a nice name that no one else has chosen, you should also make sure that you can get the same domain name in both the dot com and dot variants.

Top Tip. Really think about the way the name looks and its meaning. How do the words look together? Do they spell something else? You don’t want to end up with an unfortunate business name.

Tips in choosing a business name

Keep these tips in mind in creating or choosing your business name.

Your name should sound good on the phone, in your logo, signs, stationery, commercials, website, email, and any other medium you intend to utilise to reach out to customers. Here are a few pointers to help you choose the best name for your company.

Keep it simple

Choose a name that is easy to say and spell to ensure that people can easily recommend you and search for you online.

Be creative

Distinctive names work best. Just make sure that it represents your business effectively.

Check the name’s availability

Make sure that your company’s name is not being used by other businesses. There are tools or company name checkers you can use online to check if the name you want is available.

Check for existing trademarks

Because trademarks transcend all other registrations, if someone already holds the trademark, they can tell you to change your company's name. You'll have to rebrand your company if this happens. You should also trademark your name, if possible.

Consider your overseas market

If you're planning to expand overseas, make certain that your business name is not offensive, doesn’t mean anything offensive in other languages, nor should the name constitute a criminal offense.

Follow the law in your area or country

The name of your company should conform to certain rules and regulations your country implements. There might be certain words or expressions that you cannot use without permission.

in Conclusion

There is a lot to consider before choosing your business name. Whether it is a small business or online shop, if you are starting a new project, there are plenty of tools that can assist you, and online research can go a long way. Choose a name that you feel good about. Make sure you check all social channels.

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