Advantages of 5G Technology for Business in the UK

Advantages of 5G Technology for Business in the UK

5G Technology - Advantages and Security

The advent of 5G is on the horizon and it is the next big technological advancement that will effect everyone. It doesn't matter if it's for business or personal use, there are so many advantages of 5G technology.

Let's start with the basics...

What is 5G technology?

5G technology is the next generation’s wireless technology. It is expected to fuel transformative new technologies to bring changes in entertainment, communication, and transportation, which are good for businesses, infrastructure, and other things we all use daily.

Businesses can take advantage of its fast, high speed and lower latency networks.

5G will creep into every aspect of business operations. It will facilitate advances in artificial intelligence, strengthen big data analytics, automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and more.

What are the business advantages of 5G?

There are several advantages of 5G technology on society because different industries can take advantage of it. Students, doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants, real estate agents or government offices are some of the areas where 5G can improve processes.

According to estimates from Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report, the number of 5G smartphone subscriptions worldwide will rise to 600 million by the end of this year, almost tripling from the 2020 total. By 2022, 5G subscriptions will become the de-facto standard, surpassing the one-billion mark according to Ericsson's estimates.

Principal advantages of 5G technology for UK businesses

1. New technology options for your company

One of the main consumer benefits of 5G is that it will enhance the latest devices, and the online experience will become even more integrated. From accessing content to online shopping to working remotely. Businesses need to be able to provide a smooth online experience for customers and clients as well as efficient remote workspaces and secure networks.

2. Meetings and video conferencing

Video conferencing and media content with 5G is going to improve, making communications even better. This will happen thanks to its ultra-low latency.

Scott Petty, chief technology officer of Vodafone UK explains “The ultra-low latency of 5G enables a new set of applications around gaming, virtual and augmented reality as well as enabling us to connect a whole range of new devices.”

This new increased speed will improve your experience in video meetings since you can enjoy fluid conversations in crowded places such as airports, stadiums or urban areas in general.

Delay problems faced with WiFi connections will be obsolete issues thanks to 5G.

3. Faster devices and equipment

The networks are easy to install and they can support a huge number of devices. Businesses need 5G-ready equipment on hand if they want to fully utilise and maximise its benefits. 5th Generation technology is driving an increase in demands on new technology options.

This could be good news for business. A Barclays report in 2019 revealed that the introduction of a 5G mobile telecommunications network could increase annual UK business revenues by up to £15.7bn by 2025.

With an increasing network speed, this opens new doors for smart device technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Virtual Reality (VR) and more.

4. 5G and the Cloud

5G technology is a breakthrough that will reshape business. It is set to open lots of new use for mobile data, that means new business opportunities.

Today, cloud applications most technological solutions are cloud-dependent. 5G brings a huge change to cloud computing. Its low to zero latency make communication smoother and faster, which helps businesses work more efficiently and productively.

In other words, 5G will open a new world for cloud process since it will be easier to transfer huge amounts of data easily. Also, it can help in IT remote support and desktop assistance since it will make it easier to connect with computers from distance using even phones.

5. Faster speeds

5G offers much faster download speeds compared to 4G in every country.

South Korea, with over 5 million 5G customers by February in 2020, has an average of 224 mbps or 4.2 times as fast as 4G download speed. And in the UK, 5G is 518% faster than 4G. With its killer speeds, you can download an entire episode of HD programs in a manner of seconds.

Webpages load fast, and you don’t need to worry about buffering. 5G’s extra bandwidth will allow more gadgets to connect to a network at the same time as well as make services more reliable.

6. Super low latency

Latency is the delay between user input and app response, and it is an important metric for business. 5G responds quickly when transferring data, back and forth. It is more responsive than 4G. The time it takes for a connected device to make a request from a server and get a response is almost zero.

Lower latency in 5G can ensure a more vivid immersive user experience and improve the functionality and safety of IoT devices.

You can expect much less delay or lag when using your phones or other devices. With 5G, latency should be 1 millisecond or less, unlike 4G latency which is around 40-50 milliseconds.

Ultra-low latency opens a door to new technologies and businesses. It can let surgeons robot perform operations from distance, or a company manage its machinery from distance in real-time.

Definitely, the lower latency will open several doors for new business opportunities.

7. Network slicing

Another advantage of 5G technology is the ability to deploy only the functions necessary to support particular customers and particular market segments. It enables operators to create multiple virtual networks using just ONE existing physical infrastructure which is good for business.

These virtual networks can each have different design parameters for latency, security, reliability and bandwidth. 5G will enable applications and solutions that were not realistic or practiced in the past.

3G and 4G are not able to virtually divide their network, resulting in giving full potential on devices that don't need it. Thanks to 5G, telecommunications companies will improve efficiency in several fields and also reduce costs since each network will be optimized for specific tasks.

5G Security concerns?

There are concerns regarding the security of 5G. It poses more sophisticated security risks and threats because there are more vectors where cybercriminals and adversaries can enter and attack. Businesses should be aware of 5G security problems and risks and make sure that there are robust security procedures in place.

It has a lot of advantages but you can’t ignore the possible risks inherent, like in all things networking. Here are a few of the concerns:

  • IoT devices that are manufactured with lack of security
  • Greater number of attack vectors
  • Switching between networks increases risk
  • Lack of encryption in the connection process
  • More bandwidth will strain security monitoring.

5G cybersecurity needs improvement to avoid possible hacking issues like Botnet attacks, location tracking and call interception, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), and Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Nevertheless, you can take preventions to avoid being attacked. There are several ways to increase your IT security if you live in the UK,  so you don't have excuses to avoid using 5G. Here are a few ways to keep you safe and protect.

  • Install antivirus solutions on all your devices.

Antivirus software will help you prevent your devices from being infected with malware and viruses.

  • Use a VPN.

Encrypting your data allows you to create a secure connection, shield your browsing activity, and mask your location.

  • Create strong password security.

Always use a secure password by combining random characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers. Change your passwords regularly and use different passwords in multiple accounts.

HelpDesk Heroes 5G Advice

Upgrading business networks and equipment is something we help clients with on a regular basis. It is so important to keep your business and data secure and future-proof.

Using 5G  can improve your processes in several ways. It is true that 5G can bring new security challenges to the table because it is a more complex tech. But you can easily prevent it by installing strong security software and making regular cloud backups. - Jackye Govaerts, HelpDesk Heroes COO

There are several advantages of 5G technology for your business and it can help you move into new platforms and markets. If this new technology delivers everything it promised, it will bring a huge advantage to small, medium, or large businesses and organisations.

PSB Research recently carried out a survey of decision-makers and analysts from different companies. They found that 89% of them expect increased productivity with 5G, save them costs, and increase their sales and revenue.

Read our Small Business IT Guide for a full breakdown of all the things you need to know.

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