ATOM  GT Series - Grey Review

ATOM GT Series - Grey Review

ATOM GT Series - Grey

Here at HelpDesk Heroes we are always looking out for the best office products and tools. Now that we are all working from home it is important to create the ultimate working space. Since I spend my days helping clients with Remote IT Support I like to be comfortable and maintain a good posture. My latest purchase is my Atom GT Series Chair.

Why did I need to upgrade my chair?

With our new WFH protocol the amount of time I’m spending at my home office has increased significantly. During this period it is crucial that we all stay as fit and healthy as possible and sitting in a chair with poor posture for a minimum of 8 hours a day isn’t the way to go about it.

The Abroco supports your back and neck to allow for ultimate comfort for long periods of work, then when the business day is over I can knock it back a few notches for a more relaxed seating position whilst I join my friends for some online gaming.

What did I look for in an office chair?

My main requirement when looking for a chair was to find a high back rest that allowed for neck support. Whenever I’m working with a bad posture it is always in my neck that I start the feel an ache first so I needed a chair that would allow me to rest my head back whilst I worked.

Why did I choose the Abroco GT Series

The 83cm backrest with neck cushion and lower back cushion really sold this chair for me. Whilst I will be using it as primarily a home office chair it’s gaming design allows for long lasting comfort. That being said, the black and grey version is sleek enough to fit into our business meetings without screaming for attention.

First impressions?

The chair is thoroughly wrapped and protected in the box that it is shipped in. Staying true to their website, I received the chair the next business day with no issues, even during our current lockdown status.

The screws and bolts are nicely organised and labelled on a cardboard cut out that comes in the accessory box and makes it simple to put the chair together. It took me roughly 20 minutes to put the chair together following the clear and concise instructions. If I had another pair of hands to hold the back rest whilst I bolted it to the bottom, it surely would have been quicker.

The 4D armrest have allowed me to play with the configuration a lot so that I can find the perfect sitting position for my arms and typing workflow.

Amazed at how far this chair reclines... I may not need to leave it to go to bed... will just start sleeping in this all the way down.

So bottom line is I love it this is where I got it from

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