Reasons to use Microsoft 365 for small businesses

Reasons to use Microsoft 365 for small businesses

Businesses are constantly looking for a way to boost productivity while avoiding complex or disruptive processes. Microsoft 365 is an ideal option as migration is seamless and most people are already familiar with many of the tools and features. There are a number of great reasons to use Microsoft 365 for small businesses, and migrating to it can make communication and teamwork easier, while using the platforms or apps.

Why should I use Microsoft 365 for my business?

Microsoft 365 formerly Office 365  is a cloud-based suite designed to boost productivity, letting you work from wherever you are. A great all-in-one solution for small and medium sized businesses. As long as you are connected to the internet you can access all your data and communicate with your team. Many of the features are familiar to most including word and excel with added powerful communication and collaboration capabilities.

Microsoft 365 has a set of tools that helps business operations, especially during the pandemic. It has integrated platforms such as non-Microsoft storage, Box, DropBox, Google Drive that can be assigned as Microsoft 365 Places. It also supports non-Microsoft products like Slack, Apple products, Linux, Salesforce and a lot more.

Useful Microsoft 365 features for small businesses

Real time co-authoring (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

If you are regularly updating and sharing documents real time editing is really useful. Microsoft 365 allows you to collaborate online with your teammates and view changes on shared documents in real-time. Your team can access and make edits on your docs when you share your file to OneDrive storage or Sharepoint. You can share files straight from Word thanks to the integrated sidebar. It makes edits and changes simple and no more multiple copies of updated documents.

Communicate using Office apps

Meetings and business calls are easy as standard tools are incorporated. Microsoft 365 has very efficient in-app integrations like Skype, and Microsoft Teams. Use these apps to chat, share screens, conduct audio or video calls and conferences with your colleagues.

Power Map in Excel

The Microsoft 365 Power Map is a 3D platform for data visualization in Excel which is enhanced by Power BI.

It acts as a solution for analysing, visualising, and sharing data insights, giving you information in a different way. With Power Map, you can transform data rows into interactive 3D maps that include the ability to filter data using three different filters: List, Range, or Advanced.

Microsoft Planner with Workflows

For handling projects, teams, assignments, Microsoft Planner is a game-changer.

It’s integrated with Microsoft Teams where activities related to software creation, project scope, time management and so on can be easily handled. And it provides a simple way of creating workflows for projects and assigning individual tasks A great tool for working with a team and sharing jobs.

Self-decluttering Inbox

Microsoft 365 Clutter feature uses the rules of your inbox to arrange your email automatically so that high-priority messages are available and can be viewed first. Other emails are transferred to the Clutter folder so that they can be accessed later.

Resume reading feature

Some official documents are too lengthy, you can’t finish reading them right away. With the Resume Reading feature in Microsoft 365, you can drop in and out of the document and start up right where you left off, regardless of the device you’re using. It is a more comfortable and organised way of reading as the last page you read is immediately bookmarked, you no longer need to scan through the pages again and look for your last read.

Send links, not files

Microsoft 365, OneDrive and SharePoint work together to help people work smarter. Ideally, all files should be stored in a central location, accessible by those who need to work on or with them. You can upload your document to Microsoft 365’s cloud storage, then use Outlook to write an email.

You can insert a link to the file on your cloud instead of adding the document to the email. Outlook can ensure that the document you want to share can be edited by email recipients. Outlook can automatically give permission for editing to the people you contact. You can alter the authorisations whenever you like.

How can small businesses benefit from Microsoft 365?

1. It’s scalable

Microsoft 365 is supported by a scalable infrastructure that can be leveraged in various ways depending on the business needs of an organisation. It gives you the opportunity to scale up your business or organisation rapidly as it can expand with you. If you downscale, that’s all right, too.

Microsoft 365 has the flexibility for use by small or big teams. Cloud services such as Microsoft 365 are extremely scalable, unlike conventional IT, which is kept back by the amount of hardware and software you will introduce at your main site.

Microsoft 365 has a flexible process of monthly billing that allows you to add or reduce the number of users to suit you. You're not bound to any long contracts as your company expands or changes.

2. Robust protection built-in

Another really good reason to use Microsoft 365 for your small businesses is its strong security.

Microsoft 365 is designed with comprehensive anti-malware and anti-spam security, shielding all data from unwanted prying eyes and cybercriminals. A clean, secure learning environment ensures your clients can connect and purchase from you easily and without fear of stealing their data or undermining their system.

Here at HelpDesk Heroes we ensure that your Microsoft 365 is configured correctly regarding your company GDPR data protection policies and securing your business data.

Security is more important than ever and keeping you customer, business and employee data safe is priority.

3. Prevent data loss

Office 365 has the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center. It identifies, monitors and protects all sensitive information and prevents its inadvertent disclosure. The key assets of every organisation are its information and records.

Protecting your information is critical and the data security and backup of Microsoft 365 gives you peace of mind with a greater level of security.

4. Fixed monthly cost

Microsoft 365 is a monthly subscription service. Prices start at Microsoft 365 Business Basic £3.80 per user/month. Everything within Microsoft Office 365 is automatically updated via the cloud for a fixed monthly cost instead of having to constantly buy hardware, licenses or upgrades.

5. Work remotely and efficiently

Work from anywhere. Microsoft 365 allows you to access all the data you need, your calendar, contacts, emails, docs on any device, from any location. Ideal for working on the go, or if you have to work between home and the office. You won’t miss any important notifications!

6. Improved collaboration

Streamline your work, your tasks, and provide your entire workforce the most creative features. Microsoft 365 provides your team with the tools you need to get things done quickly. These include shared calendars, instant messaging, and video conferencing tools, lets you collaborate, update each other, access data and contacts, more efficiently.

Microsoft 365 has many features that can give an advantage for your business. You can select a simple, all-in-one solution rather than moving back and forth between different apps, brands, software, and other services.

Is Microsoft 365 worth it for small business?

Given all the above, is there a reason to use Office 365 in your businesses? Simple answer, yes. If you have thought about moving to the cloud, Microsoft 365 is the best option you have.

There are other cloud-based suites like Google or Zoho, but thanks to its popularity among people and its variety of tools, Microsoft 365 is the most complete suite to migrate.

Most people are used to the Microsoft interface and software, they already know how to work on it. So migrating to Microsoft 365 will be smooth and simple for you and your team.

Not sure which Microsoft 365 subscription to choose? This will depend on your business requirements and size of organisation. Contact our helpdesk and find out more about Microsoft 365 for small businesses from an IT professional, we are happy to help. Our IT team can provide you with the best advice so you can migrate efficiently to the cloud with Microsoft 365.

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