Why Software Updates Are Important

Why Software Updates Are Important

Why Software Updates Are Important

Software updates - we all get them from time to time. Pop ups always notify us about updates available for our devices. It is easy to defer updates for later because the update will get in the way of the day's operations, or the update might mess up what isn't broken. Updates can sometimes be time-consuming too, and affects business’ productivity. With that being said, it essential to keep on top of your software updates.

If you don't keep your systems, tools and platforms up to date, your business data may vulnerable to viruses and cyber attacks in addition to overall poor performance. In 2017 Equifax suffered a massive data breach due to a missed update, these records included personal data, comprising name and date of birth, relating to approximately 12.3 million individuals.

Software updates are released regularly to fix known flaws to products or devices that may be vulnerable to attackers and harm your devices. Vulnerabilities are discovered and exposed and it’s the responsibility of vendors to update software to ensure that cybercriminals can’t exploit those vulnerabilities.

5 reasons why software updates are Important for your business

1. Prevent security breaches

It is essential for businesses to update their software to prevent security breaches. Cyber criminals spend hours looking for exploitable holes in your organisation. Outdated software is vulnerable to cyber attacks that will infect your computer system, and encrypt private and sensitive data which will cost your business and customers serious damage.

2. Compatibility Updates

System functions of your computers may not function correctly if new software and updates are not compatible with the new features of your computer or devices. The software needs to be updated regularly because it affects the way it interacts with computers and devices. When the system is updated, the drivers must be updated too for the system to function smoothly and correctly.

3. Fix software bugs

Software updates can fix errors and bugs that can affect the performance of your devices or cause your programs to crash. Software patches can fix bugs and add support for drivers, and tweak and improve how the new program or features operate.

4. Reduced Cost

Updates are free but sometimes you need upgrades that can be expensive. However, the cost from damage and lost productivity from unstable and inefficient systems and software can be far more expensive.

5. Increased Efficiency

Outdated systems hamper business operations. Updated software offers new and improved features for a better user experience. If businesses update their system, work will be more efficient and employees will be more productive.

Inefficient systems will hurt your clients and customers and will affect your business or organisation. Older systems don’t work as fast as the new ones. If you don't update regularly you may not have access to all the new and important functions available.

Do you have a SME in the UK? Data shows that 46% of businesses in the UK suffered a cyber attack last year!

Software to keep up to date reducing the risk of attack.


Platforms and tools

To provide a better UX to your clients and customers, your website’s tools and platforms should be updated regularly.

Third-party apps

Some businesses rely on mobile phones to work remotely or to get some work done because consumers also spend most of their time on their phones. Third-party apps are often installed in mobile devices.

With updated third party apps your mobile devices will be able to read or modify all of the user’s data in the system, and effectively manage risks. Updated third-party apps enrich your business’ ERP capabilities, that will meet business emerging needs, drive improved efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

Web browser and extensions for business

Web browsers are used by businesses to access content online, including corporate data.

However, browser extensions pose threats to both privacy and security, they can be downright malicious, and sometimes dangerous. Plugins or extensions modify the user interface and add certain functions and features to it so it is important to be up to date.

The extensions should have a good security solution that is frequently updated to neutralise malicious codes that affect the UI.


Anti-virus updates include bug fixes and install new features. It’s as essential as upgrading the whole system. If your anti-virus works well and is updated, your system will work fine. Anti-virus detects and protects your device from malware and threats.


Firmware ensures your device performs its designated task. In business, your firmware may run multiple devices at a time, which will degrade and slow the pace of your business operations. One of the solutions to that is to update the firmware that your system runs on. Firmware update keeps your device functioning smoothly.

Benefits of Cloud Backup for Business


In some instances, when you update your device, your phones or laptops, data loss may occur due to reasons like incompatibility, lack of storage space, among others. Data loss can affect your business productivity, can cause you to lose your customers if sensitive data is compromised.

Cloud backup is the easiest way a business can restore files, keep data intact, and retain easy access. Designed to serve as a reliable and dependable solution if your company experiences server crash, or other data loss, cloud backup makes restoration easy.

It’s also an excellent option to provide security for your business to ensure that important and sensitive data will still be available when a disaster strike. Also, small businesses have recently moved towards cloud hosting to meet their everyday needs and work remotely.

Cloud hosting provides businesses with many advantages like strategic competitive advantage over your competitors, apps run quicker, increased security, and greater flexibility in how your employees work. Updates not only provide new features it also improves the old ones. You don’t want your business to fall behind the times, right?

Software updates are crucial to businesses. It will get you a new shot of opportunities, more productive days for your employees, no more crashing, more speed, more efficient work andoutput.

If you don’t want to miss out on a lot of possible benefits for you, your business, and your clients, you have to be keen and click that “Update Now” button.

Or, you may set your devices to automatically update so you won’t miss new features. Stay relevant in the market. Missing out on updates can put you and your business into a huge disadvantage. If you lack functionalities needed so your client can transact business with you, you’ll lose them.

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